12 Business Growth Strategies for Communication Platforms in 2022

12 Business Growth Strategies for Communication Platforms in 2022

In this blog post, you will read 12 growth tactics for communication platforms

1. Focus on the teachers

Get the educators to use the application and then get them to promote it. If your platform services educators and students, you can get the educators to use the application and then get them to promote it. Teachers feel like they are leaders in their communities towards education and give them a place where they can have interactions with other educators so that they will further promote education as a whole.

2. Give a discount

This is for the customers who share their sign-up at the platform. They'll then tell their friends and family about it, which creates even more word-of-mouth awareness for the app.

3. Incentivize growth

With incentives, a user could incentivize others to invite their friends to sign up for the product, share content, or create content. There are ways to incentivize growth without spending a lot of money. For example, your platform is free, but users can pay to have your platform reach an email inbox directly instead of a mobile device.

4. Parental guided accounts

Have students create a specific account. Let their parents get to use the service.

5. Gamification

Using their free invite or paid chat option, teachers and administrators could teach students math with engaging games. Students would be taught higher level math instead of having to cringe at the thought of 5th-grade algebra.

6. Referral program

These work on the notion that if one person refers your platform to five other people, he or she earns points for it.

7. Create an app marketplace

Target app developers and let them create apps and games. These are connected to the platform in some way. For example, a game to teach people how to speak Spanish could be made to work with your platform, and users that game would have to sign up for an account and follow your account to gain access to the game.

8. Word-of-mouth

Encouraging existing users to invite other educators and parents to sign up is a great way to build an audience organically. The word of mouth will start to spread when people use the app and have a good user experience.

9. Create a single event

This can be scheduled in advance or created spontaneously. The goal is to engage attendees and give them a sense of community. Another great viral loop, when created at the right time, is to have your platform staff be active participants in conferences. Especially if these conferences are relevant to grades where your platform can utilize as an effective tool for communicating.

10. Ignite an initial growth

Use Hashtagify.me to create a poll with a #hashtag or campaign slogan to ignite initial growth. Have students, parents or teachers respond to the question posed with an answer and #hashtag or a simple response of 'I agree.' Then save the post using Later.com to schedule it for later use. Creating a simple hashtag that can be used in all messages and posts will make it easy for users to share messages faster, which creates a viral loop when everyone is sharing and engaging with each other on the same message. This could also be used to have students and educators tweet what they are thankful for at the Thanksgiving holiday, raise funds during the holiday season or promote something special about their home-school district or school, which would

11. Story sharing

Make the users of the platform share their stories. This way, the more users that come in, the more creative and engaging the users to get.

12. Peer to peer invitation

This is a social loop that is difficult to establish, especially in a school because students are very busy and might not be as receptive as other groups on a messaging app. It would take some more creative thinking like getting students to log into your platform together because it’s important to them or trying to capitalize on popularity because if one student is using your platform, it means others are too and this can create a desire for validation by association and further engagement with the platform.