6 Powerful Business Growth Strategies for Freelancer Marketplace in 2022

6 Powerful Business Growth Strategies for Freelancer Marketplace in 2022

You started a freelance marketplace business for entrepreneurs and companies, who are looking for talented individual contractors to hire for performing remote work. Now is it the time to make your business grow? If your answer is "Yes!", this blog post is just for you.

These are important Growth Strategies for Freelancers:

  • Remind Yourself To The Users
  • Use/Create A Referral Program
  • Use Social Media Facilities
  • Use YouTube
  • Offer A Limited-Time Free Trial
  • "Gamify” The Experience

Let's take a closer look at these 6 suggestions.

1. Remind yourself to the users

Continually email users that haven't been active in the past 60 days.

Another way would be to take advantage of other sales services such as Shopify's Click & Collect where their customers don't actually pay their bill on the app, but instead pay it whenever they arrive at the given location where they can pick up their product.

This opportunity is ideal because this speeds up the checkout process for other customers and it helps create a need for your services as well.

2. Use/Create a referral program

By rewarding existing users for referring the app to other people, you can increase their user-base and create more of a demand for freelancers within their platform. If the friends come in to use your freelance marketplace, then both parties get rewards and can exchange feedback on each other’s work.

The more friends you have working on your projects through your platform, the greater your chance is of having a successful product or project.

3. Use social media facilities

This strategy could be effective for your marketplace because it will encourage users to invite their friends and family, in order to earn the reward.

A platform could also be paired with a users’ social media account, so when users post content that includes your freelancer marketplace, the task will also display on their feed and will serve as a paid advertisement.

4. Use YouTube

You could offer useful and fun video tutorials for your targeting audience. By putting its thought leadership on a distribution channel that reaches millions of businesses, and making those videos more than passively interesting, you could build a relationship with customers in ways it currently cannot by itself.

Don't forget to add the right keywords to your videos and share from your own social media accounts.

5. Offer a limited-time free trial

During the free trial period, affiliates would likely share the service to their audience on social media. If the cost of customer acquisition is low, your marketplace can create a viral loop of customers and affiliates.

6. “Gamify” the experience

Entrepreneurs opined that if a platform can offer an entertaining gaming experience that nurtures creativity, ideation and social discovery then they can lift the platform offline.

Your business' gamification would work by way of awards and prizes for the user. A user would be awarded trophies, badges or sales. This is a key to success when creating a viral loop.