10 Business Growth Strategies for Health Club Platforms in 2022

10 Business Growth Strategies for Health Club Platforms in 2022

If you have members by connecting them to fitness instructors, sports teams, teachers, experts, trainers and other people in their area who are trying to get fit, you can find the growth hacks below:

1. Multi-business platform

Allow them to be used across many businesses such as high-end gyms, and hotels, to build brand awareness. These partner companies can then have an incentive to encourage customers to try your platform so the partner company can capture a portion of the signups. Additionally, there could be an affiliate program where your partners with Amazon.com associate for driving purchases on their website. This structure would be very inexpensive to your platform and a win/win for both Amazon and your platform's partner companies.

2. Use Facebook

If you ask people to share their favourite fitness classes and best instructors, it’ll create an organic viral loop. Facebook in itself has 1.74 billion users, so this is a great way to let people know what you have to offer with a natural viral loop that doesn’t require any extra cost.

3. Offer a free trial

This is a way to encourage new users while acquiring growth capital. The viral loop will become self-sustaining as users recommend your platform to their friends, which can lead to exponential user growth over time.

4. Target and promote

In this step, you should target consumers who are looking for fitness classes on Google or social media.

5. Right subscription feeling

Make users feel like the right subscription or package is right for them. Also, users should get a good idea of what the membership will include. For example, your platform lets users know which classes are eligible to be included in their plan.

6. Viral loop

Add a viral invite component to their platform. Example: When a customer signs up for your platform they are able to invite a friend using email or SMS messaging.

7. Create a referral program

Here, people that share your platform with others will be given a reward. This would increase the viral loop for spending money by adding users to the platform.

This will motivate the users to invite their friends and family and get rewarded with some credits for doing that. The viral loop is created as the users are incentivised to invite others for the discount on the next order. This way, an incentive system is created where people are inspired to subscribe and refer others to subscribe.

8. Gamification

Imagine if your platform added Pokemon Go style elements into their app so that people could obtain in-app currency while enjoying their classes and have an influence on its ecosystem.

9. Let them share experiences

Encourage the customers to share their experiences after the sessions, driving their peers to book similar sessions One can try to gamify this process by proposing an option to share their experience with friends/family that might further encourage them to attend such classes.