6 Business Growth Strategies for Online Health Communities in 2022

6 Business Growth Strategies for Online Health Communities in 2022

We have some growth clues for free online health communities where people suffering from medical conditions can share experiences and track their conditions and also discuss their conditions with other users, some of whom may be going through similar situations. You can see clues below one by one :

1. Medical question videos

Encourage viewers to engage with the video, thereby driving more traffic back to and prompting those on the site to sign up in order to use the services. This campaign would have a 'viral effect', since thousands of people would be watching thousands of video questions.

2. Add/integrate social features

Your website should be integrated social features and you should let the users interact with each other.

3. Add a sharing button

Every time the user updates something on the site, he or she is prompted to auto-share certain information via Facebook, Twitter, or email. This includes progress with their condition, which has usually already been taken care of by others in the community (e.g. ‘I just posted on my blog that I am drinking more water’).

4. Create social contests

For example, users can earn extra points if they exercise regularly to control their blood pressure. Examples of other social contests include.

5. Useful support forums

Perhaps there is a language translation feature that can be used to connect patients in non-English speaking countries with English speaking ones, or perhaps translating the support forum messages into other languages would enable even further connections amongst people from varying countries. Such features can be independently motivated by the growth team.

6. Create a healthcare application

The user base would help each other in terms of healthcare needs, including but certainly not limited to, those who need assistance with their medical conditions and/or prescriptions.