9 Business Growth Strategies for Healthcare Online Services in 2022

9 Business Growth Strategies for Healthcare Online Services in 2022

If you provide healthcare services that make it possible to get in video appointments with licensed doctors 24/7, get instant access to healthcare guidance, and get easy access to helpful digital tools, there are some points we want to share with you for your business growth.

  • Use video chat
  • Offer more than just doctor access
  • Encourage customers to share
  • Build a community of patient
  • Use Apple Watch
  • Encourage patients
  • Offer valuable contents
  • Social proof
  • Compare with YouTube

1. Use video chat

It is to provide users with a reference to trusted, board-certified physicians. In this vein, you can rework their website into a forum for people looking to ask questions about their health.

Especially during the pandemic period, it is a feature that is very important and will set you apart from your competitors.

2. Offer more than just doctor access

This could be done by offering specific symptom based check-ins, or question databases that encourage deeper patient engagement into the platform. A second approach is to create a gamification strategy where users can earn rewards for completing activities on the platform. They could also be tailored for additional access to doctors once a certain number of points are achieved, or for slightly discounted products such as monthly subscriptions.

3. Encourage customers to share

A few ways you can encourage customers to share is by introducing a users "health group", while one has created a group on your website they are provided with a unique URL they can send out to interested parties via social media.

4. Build a community of patient

It will provide advocates to share when they need help. Also, patients who see that there is a community and their questions are answered will start to trust you more.

5. Use Apple Watch

As a secondary screen for interacting with a text-based doctor.

6. Encourage patients

It is a good way to the incentive to post their video question on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms.

7. Offer valuable contents

Simply make sure that it is offering valuable content, such as the best diet plans, how to get in shape in a month and healthy recipes.

8. Social proof

Have patients make public how satisfied they are about the quality of service that they received from their doctors. That way, it gets shared organically on Facebook and Twitter as well as other social media. By incentivizing users of your website to publicly express their satisfaction (via website points with larger sample size), users would be influenced by social proof to think positively on the product. This would lead new users to sign up and use your website.

9. Compare with YouTube

If you are a healthcare provider who has been on your website and uploaded a lot of videos, then you will get many views. This can bring more visitors to your channel. Besides, this platform is obviously much easier to understand than other platforms - in terms of user experience and user interface - which should make the process of sharing more intuitive.