How do we group interaction between visualizations in Power BI?

You can use Image interactions to modify how images on a report page interact with one another if you have edit access to the report.

By default, other visualizations on a report page can be cross-filtered and cross-highlighted using the visuals on that page. For instance, when a state is selected in a map visualization, the visualization filters the line chart and highlights the column chart to show only the information relevant to that state.

Additionally, if you have a visualization that supports drill-down, by default, clicking on one visualization on the report page has no effect on other visualizations. However, both of these default actions can be changed, and interactions can be altered based on the visualization.

To differentiate the behavior described here from the behavior that takes place when you filter visualizations using the filters pane, the phrases cross-filtering and cross highlighting are used.

How to enable visual interaction controls?

The visual interaction controls, which let you personalize how the visualizations on your report page filter and emphasize one another, can be enabled if you have edit permissions for a report.

  • To activate a visualization, select it.
  • View Visual Interactions options.
  • Choose FormatEdit> in Power BI Desktop. interactions to edit interactions

Power BI adds filtering and highlighting icons to all other visualizations on the report page.

On the report page, you may now modify how certain visualizations relate to one another.

How do you change interaction behavior?

By choosing each visualization separately on your report page, you can see how they interact. Watch how changing a single data point, bar, or shape affects other visualizations.

You can alter the interactions if the conduct you observe is not what you like. Both you and the people who will be seeing the report will have the same visual interaction experience because these modifications are kept with the report.

  • Choose the visualization to start by turning it on.
  • You'll notice that interaction symbols are now visible on every other graphic on the page. In bold type, the applied icon is displayed.
  • Choose a visualization, and then decide what impact you want it to have on other visualizations.

For all visualizations on the report page, you can repeat this.

Selected visualization:

  • Choose the filter icon in the visualization's upper right corner to cross-filter one of the other visuals on the page. Only line charts, scatter charts, and maps can be cross-filtered. They are not cross-highlighted.
  • Select the highlight icon to cross-highlight one of the other visualizations on the page.
  • choose the no effect icon to have no influence on any of the other visualizations on the page.

How can drillable visualization interactions be modified?

The depth of some Power BI visualizations can be increased. By default, drilling into one visualization on a report page has no impact on other visualizations. However, this behavior is modifiable.

  • Select and activate the drillable image.
  • By clicking the drill-down symbol, you can enable the feature.
  • Choose Format from the menu bar, then choose Whole page from the drop-down menu next to Apply drill-down filters. The other visuals on the report page then adapt to reflect your current drill-through choices when you drill up or down in a visualization.

You can alter the interactions as mentioned above if the behavior you observe is not what you like.

Note:  You will receive errors on other pictures if you create a matrix using fields from many tables and attempt to cross-highlight numerous things at various levels of the hierarchy.