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The fastest easy-to-use Google Data Studio dashboards without any recurring cost.

Why us?

No Recurring Cost

You'll have the owner of the dashboard and won't pay every month like other SAAS dashboard tools except the connector fee.

  • Others (20+ seconds)

    This is a standart dashboard loading time. That is OK but, you'll loose your interest day by day just because you can not stand for waiting.

  • Us (<3 seconds)

    We create an additional layer by extracting data source daily so, you access the fastest dashboard experience that GDS can serve!

The same approach, every time!

Every dashboard has the same way of use. So, you'll learn to analyse instantly once you use the first dashboard. Super short learning curve.


Comes with training

There are an extensive walk-throughs and explanation of the Google Data Studio product. So, yo will able to modify the dashboard in the future.

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30-day bug-fix included

Don't think about the support. If you notice something wrong in the next 30 days, we'll fix it without extra cost.


Custom Dashboard Examples

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